Well, if you have been bragging that you are the only one is multi-talented you have to think again. Yes, you can play casino online games and win at the same time. But are you able to juggle two tough things at the same time? Well, there are certain people we know who have been very consistent in multitasking and most of them are athletes.

There are a couple of men who were brave enough to step out of their own sport field and try something new.

Let us share with you some athletes from other sports who also get themselves involved in MMA fighting.

Jose Canseco

Some two decades ago, some baseball players have enjoyed some success in their career more than playing online roulette. Some have been named Major League Most Valuable Player. Moreover, Canseco has won the award on several occasions.

However, his move to join and fight in MMA left many people spellbound. Even though he claimed to hold a black belt in karate and tae-kwon-do, joining the MMA was just something many people were expecting. His tenure in MMA was not that good compared in baseball. But it’s quite an experience that he will cherish and also be remembered for in his life.

CM Punk

Well known in the rings of the WWE Punk first got involved in MMA before making a move to the WWE ring. In 2014 CM Punk walked out of the WWE after having some serious feud with the McMahon family as part of the WWE entertainment act.

He departed and left a gloom of his return. But the UFC made an announcement that CM Punk will remain at the UFC and will not make a return to the WWE anytime soon. But he was quite an entertainer and many fans fell in love with his spirit in the WWE.