There is a lot of liquidity in the football betting markets. You can get down big bets with bookmakers and there’s also plenty of action on the betting exchanges still. With billions wagered annually, everyone wants in on the action.

The Premier League (EPL) remains top dog, but punters wager on leagues on every continent. There is always a football match being played and therefore there’s always a match to bet on with the bookies.

Everyone can become a profitable football punter, albeit you won’t be making millions. These three tips that I’m going to share will ensure you start turning a profit rather than consistently losing.

Bonus Bagging

Have you heard of the term bonus bagging?

There are lots of reputable bookmakers online and most of them offer bonuses. Punters can receive sign-up bonuses when they join and while you can bag a quick £2500+ in the first month, sign-up offers don’t last forever.

You’ll need an e-wallet account (Paypal, Neteller or Skrill) with money to begin bonus bagging. Always ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully because some bookies try tripping you up with non-traditional conditions.

After working through sign-up bonuses, you’ll now have accounts at 20+ online bookmakers. Many of these bookies are regularly offering +EV betting promotions that punters can take advantage of, albeit of low stakes.

In a typical month, you’ll be able to earn about £500 and in the UK the money is tax-free.

If you want to gamble, hit up an online casino like Betfair. Bonus bagging requires no risk because you’ll simply arb the bet to ensure you profit. There are “bonus arbitrage calculators” freely available online.

Master a Single Betting Market

One problem I find a lot of punters have is they constantly want action. They’ll bet on anything and many times they won’t even attempt to perform any research. They’ll “go with their gut” and place the punt with little thought.

I also find punters, even experienced handicappers, will wager on too many sports/markets. If you watch football then bet on football and don’t waste your bankroll chasing profits in sports or leagues you have no clue about.

There are dozens of football betting markets and I recommend learning them. I make a positive ROI by handicapping goalscorer markets. I typically avoid first/last goalscorer bets, but I love the anytime goalscorer market.

Hunting down value is important, as the most common bet types (IE: 1X2) are the toughest to gain an edge in.

Shop for the Best Value

When you start betting, you just want to make sure you get the best price. For example, if Bookmaker A is offering $2.00 odds and Bookmaker B is offering $2.20 odds – where would you bet? I hope you answered Bookmaker B.

A lot of new punters often assume the payout odds are the same at every betting shop, but that’s not the case. If you don’t perform a bit of research using an odds aggregator, you’ll be leaving money on the table.

Once you start handicapping and building betting models, you need to assign a winning percentage to your tips.

For example, you may project Team A having a 50% chance to win in the 1X2 market. If the best odds on Team A is $1.80 than there’s no value and you wouldn’t bet, but if the best odds are $2.10, you’ve got a +EV bet.