Being a New York Knicks fan is no fun right now. An awful start to the new season has seen them drop to the bottom of the standings like a brick in the Hudson. Why they are struggling as badly as they are is a question many have been asking and how they get better opens up even more conundrums. They need to be careful they don’t become an unattractive prospect to big-name players – a point not lost on most of the fans.

We take a look at why this is a crucial time for the Knicks and why it’s time to wake up.

Tanking will help nobody

The big US sports have a thing called ‘the race to the bottom’ which essentially refers to teams trying to be really bad in order to get ahead in the draft. Picking up the next franchise player is no small thing but the leagues, including the NBA, have tried to stop this practice by making it harder for the team that finished last to get ahead of their rivals.

As Tankathon explains, the teams that finish in the bottom three all have a 14% chance at the first overall pick but this didn’t help the Knicks in 2019 when they ended up picking third and missing out on Zion Williamson and Ja Morant after the Memphis Grizzlies jumped them to the second overall pick.

They could easily suffer this fate again in 2020, so finishing dead last does not have the advantages it used to. Another wasted season is the last thing fans want to see and they need to be careful before the franchise name is pulled through the mud again.

The New York myth

Living in New York used to be enough to attract top players regardless of how well the team they are joining are doing. This is no longer the case.

The New York Knicks are currently +50000 to win the Championship in NBA betting markets, which highlights how bad they have been this season. What top player or prospect is going to want to join a franchise with a poor record and little hope of winning over the next few years? The answer is not many.

If you tank for too long, players will stay away and living in New York does not have the pulling power it did in the past. The US has plenty of cities which would be an attractive prospect for NBA stars so the Knicks better improve fast.

Living in denial

Following the loss to Boston, Knicks head coach David Fizdale made some remarks in his press conference that had many scratching their heads.

“I think we’re becoming a better basketball team,” he said.

He needs to wake up. A record of 4-17 in the opening 21 games highlights the real story. Knicks fans are getting impatient and it’s time for a dose of reality.