The NFL is a very hot event for sports enthusiasts all over the world. The format of the game is so exciting due to many factors. The aggression and pace involved in the sport are paramount. The way the action unfurls is of mind-blowing intensity. One moment the ball is with a team and then the next moment the ball is rushing towards the opposite end for a touchdown. The drastic variation in the gameplay itself makes it a favorite to watch.

Super Bowl is an event where the 2 major teams show up for a finale.

The event is so famous that it is streamed live over all major cities and countries live as it happens. The road towards such an event is filled with a lot of sub-events. There are talk shows, radio contests, and event contests to see which team will prevail against the pressure of the game. To put things in motion and to build up the platform for the upcoming match at Tampa bay, Betway has put up a super team. This team consists of the best-chosen players from different winning teams. Let’s have a look at the team.

Infographic created by: Betway

Infographic created by: Betway

The All-time Team

Tom Brady the legendary quarterback is the first one to get in on the team list. Tom has an unbroken record of the greatest number of passing touchdowns and yards at 18 and 2838 respectively.  The next comes in the form of two running backs Emmitt Smith and Franco Harris. Both these players are known for their impressive touchdown and rushing yards numbers.

Next up is wide receivers Jerry Rice and Lynn Swann. Both players have been known as the finest receivers with 8 for Jerry and 3 receives for Swann. The tight end spot is filled by none other than Ron Gronkowski. He has reached 4 super bowls and lifted the cup on two occasions.

Now as we step into the defensive section of the team, it has Chris Haley and L.C Greenwood as the defensive end. The defensive tackle spot is filled in by Justin Tuck and Willie Davis.  There is no one better than Jeff Simon to take up the position of a middle linebacker. Wally Hilgenberg and Larry Brown are the outside linebackers for the team.

Cornerback is guarded by Darrien Gordon with his immense potential to make comebacks. Free safety is taken care of by Jake Scott and Strong safety by Rodney Harrison. Kicker and the phenom Adam Vinatieri with 7 field goals have made it to the team. The team is now complete with one more player and punter Jerrel Wilson. Jerrel’s average punt in a game is 46.5 yards. This is higher than any player.

This all-time team is one of the best collections of Super Bowl players over the entire legacy of the game. It provides one of the best-case scenarios that the fans can engage in healthy conflict with fellow enthusiasts.  The clock is slowly ticking away to the live-action. Let us see which team is going to perform better. Let’s wait and watch.

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