The New England Patriots football team remain undefeated outside of the United States of America. This is thanks to the game in which they trounced the Oakland Raiders with a final score of 33 – 8, albeit during a match which never once saw them challenged even once.

Tom Brady Took Control

The game swung the odds in the Patriots’ favour from the get go, with Tom Brady adding Mexico to the long list of places in which he has thrown a touchdown pass -before adding two more just in case it was required. The Patriots went on to build a lead of 17 to 0 over the Raiders by halftime, and then tacked on an additional 21 in the second half. The hammering took place at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

Brady, who was already the instigator of thrown touchdown passes in the USA and England, was at his best, finishing his initial 12 passes, along with 30 from 37 overall, whilst throwing for 339 yards! Highlights included his passes exceeding 50 yards to Brandin Cooks, which included a touchdown, along with shorter touchdowns to Danny Amendola and Dion Lewis. Cooks went on to finish the game with a total of six receptions for 149 yards.

Brady Gives Details Post Game

Although he was reserved, as we have come to expect, during the postgame news conference, Brady acknowledged that the Mexico City elevation made it easier to heft long passes to receivers further down the field, a fact which Cooks took full advantage of. Brady was quoted as saying that Cook got them deep a number of times, and added that whenever one wanted to make big plays one could skip ten and then hit one really important one. These players face a game in much the same way online gamblers do! Make the big bet when it comes to the online craps Canada has to offer and see where it gets you, rather than humming and hawing about every moment of the game.

The Defense Picked Up the Slack

The team from New England was helped hugely by their running defense, which was not the struggling unit that they have been battling as the weakest link all season by any stretch of the imagination. They permitted a total of 344 yards, but destroyed all promising drives until the game had gotten well out of hand. The score stood at 30 – 0 before the Patriots eased up.

Arguably the best moment in terms of the defense came during a head’s up play from Duron Harmon, a safety who was running over to assist in the coverage against Johnny Holton. He ended up with an interception when Holton tipped the ball up into the air! Later on in the first half of the game the team managed a huge turnover on a fumble. Seth Roberts, from the Raiders, caught a pass near the goal line belonging to the Patriots, but this got spun around and Trey Flowers punched the ball right out.