They say that everyone in the field is important. But for the outfielders, they feel like the outcasts in the field. People believe they are the weakest link in the team. But then is that really true? Keep on reading and find out the truth behind this postulation.

Outfielders Are Power Hitters

Infielders are known to be the ones that have the tempo. The ones that are fast to react. That is their forte. But not so much with the outfielders. Outfielders are power hitters. Batting wise they save everyone’s skin in the team. But that is underlooked by the person that came up with the theory we are addressing now.

There are a fraction of human beings that can actually hit well. And that small group of people have specific features that they hold thus enabling them to play the infield exceptionally. Just like online casino sites require a level of skill to win regularly.

Power generally comes with size, less speed just to mention a few. And this hinders one from playing shortstop, or any other position in the infield. People that play in the infield are great defensive players but that doesn’t make them more important than the rest of the field.

The outfield is a good place to hide when your defence does not really stand out. But keep it in mind that it is the outfielders that are first preference when it is time to bat. Because they understand bat language more. So it is more to do with knowing who is good with what and positioning them in a way that they are not inconvenienced but play at their full potential.

In conclusion, according to all players are important in the game. They complement each other. If one person held all the features then baseball could be a game played by two or three people. But the reason why they are outfielders and infielders is because of this reason. They work, hand in glove so they need each other.