As a continuous ten-year advertiser with Bobby Babowski and the UltimateCapper family of properties, I would like this to be considered my highest recommendation and a testimonial to others who may be considering joining the site.

In the toughest economic climate in my 50 years on earth and in an industry where every dollar is getting tougher and tougher to find, you simply cannot find an advertising venue that gives you more bang for your buck and a better return on your investment than Ultimate Capper and Bobby’s other sites …. The National Sports Monitor, and Ultimate Handicapping Challenge.

Ultimate Capper is the flagship site and there are few if any sites at all that will direct traffic your way like Ultimate Capper. In my ten years on the site, we’ve had banners in every possible positioning and quite honestly, there is not a bad spot on the site. Year in and year out, a positive and attractive banner will draw a continuous stream of quality traffic and of course the strength of the links from any of the sites is just second to none.

There are many several extra and underutilized places to get your word out on Ultimate Capper and you should discuss these with Bobby. The Articles section and especially the Free Picks page are adjuncts that must be taken advantage of to get the most out of UC. Let Bobby take you through the site and he will leave no stone unturned. The opportunities are in fact limitless.

My favorite Bobby Babowski property is without question The National Sports Monitor. Whether you are breaking in new handicapping talent with no prior documentation or just keeping track of the old grizzled veterans, NSM is the place to be.

I’ve been monitored at a lot of places and in terms of true documentation, reliability, and credibility, it’s all National Sports Monitor. The site posts lines early, which allows the Capper to post pretty much post whenever he wants. The games are graded at the line used when posted so there is no arbitrary bullshit grading after multi-point line moves. You’re locked and loaded and know what you have.

At NSM, there are no baloney special clubs or categories. One Capper, one record! You won’t find any records or categories for:

Thurston Montgomery Swallows and his Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium games or his Nickel Cadmium, Plutonium, Radium, or Barium Clubs.

This separates NSM from the service where the Thunder play by not allowing a Capper to go 4-1 in a “Club” and then scream on TV and Radio that he hit a documented 80% of his Whuptydoo football plays for all of 2004 and failing to mention that it was based on five plays and there was never another release after September 26th.

Any game posted by any Capper on NSM is public domain five minutes after the game goes off. Back in 2000, the National Sports Monitor was visionary. Today, it’s the true industry standard. If you are a handicapper and not on NSM, you are simply missing out!

The Ultimate Handicapping Challenge is a great place for Cappers to test their wits against the best in the industry. The UHC is well differentiated from the monitor clearly specifying that the UHC is a contest.

IMO, the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge has an excellent format in that it requires the Capper to post enough games to keep it real yet not so many that it becomes a, “Can you top this”. It couldn’t be any easier to submit plays at the UHC and the results are policed and scrutinized as they are at the monitor. A UHC “Win” is truly a feather in a Capper’s hat and an excellent advertising tool.

I wish I could say that Ultimate Capper customer service is the best in the business but I really can’t, simply because there are NEVER any problems. The links always work and go to where they are supposed to and in my ten years, to my knowledge, there has never been a single minute of site outage or down time. My biggest (only) problem has been my own handicappers forgetting their Logins and this was always resolved within minutes with an E-mail to Bobby’s right-hand man, and 24/7 customer support guru , Jay Cooper.

Last and certainly not least, is the man that runs the show, Bobby Babowski. You simply will not find a more honest, sincere, helpful, and accommodating person in this entire godforsaken industry. Helpful and honest to a fault, Bobby will go out of his way to make sure that your experience on his sites is positive and that it’s win-win all around. I can almost guarantee that in EVERY instance, Bobby will give you more than what you agreed to! After ten years of doing business with UC, NSM, and UHC, I’m glad I can call Bobby a friend.

Again, as a continuous ten-year advertiser on Ultimate Capper, The National Sports Monitor, and Ultimate Handicapping Challenge … I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Best regards,

Dennis Macklin / DMack Sports

I just wanted to thank you for changing the handicapping industry and making it an honest business where the public knows a cappers true won lost record.

I left the industry a while ago because if you can’t trust the police the publc gets ripped off. You are the police that polices the police. The NSM showing the public the plays 5 minutes after the game starts changed history. Thank you for making it a business I’m proud to be in.


Potsy / PotsysPicks

I’ve been in the sports handicapping business for many years and I’ve dealt with alot of people along the way. Bobby Babowski gets my highest possible recommendation and the work that he’s done with the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge and National Sports Monitor is exceptional. My service has been monitored by the National Sports Monitor since the beginning and the UHC since 2000. I can say first hand from numerous e-mails and conversations that Bobby B represents the good side of this business and he’s put an unbelievable amount of work into both sites to make sure they’re done right.

The UHC has always been the top contest site for professional handicappers. Now Bobby B has taken things to the next level and the National Sports Monitor is the most important addition to the sports handicapping industry in many years. That’s not an exageration and there was a real need for someone to step up and do things the right way. There are a few good monitors out there but they all have their shortcomings. For example, the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma is one of the good ones but they simply aren’t in the same league as the NSM. The technology and extras that make up the NSM are second to none. Then take a look at how the NSM operates. ALL handicapper records (from top to bottom) are there for everyone to see. Current lines are used to give the most accurate look at how a service is performing for their clients. Most importantly, when a game starts the picks are available for ANYONE to view. In this business credibility is extremely important and the way things are set up there is no doubt that everything is done honestly. Handicappers are ranked by units and winning %. Visitors get an accurate reflection of how cappers are doing with picks equal to one unit per play. There aren’t any 20 unit picks or numerous categories to manipulate the results. A monitor should be an impartial service that accurately displays results so visitors can get the information they want. The National Sports Monitor does all of this and Bobby B’s integrity and reputation in the industry is the icing on the cake. As a bonus, as handicappers we get a great deal of exposure and the ability to offer picks directly from NSM.

There is no doubt that the National Sports Monitor is going to be the industy standard for years to come and I’m proud to have my service listed here. Give yourself a pat on the back Bobby, you’ve definitely earned it.

Kevin Kavitch, GameBreaker Football Picks,

“As a Sports Handicapper for the past 16 years Rising Star Sports has used
monitoring services for twelve of those years. Over this period of time Rising
Star has used the Handicappers Report Card of Chicago, the Sports Monitor of
Oklahoma City, Sports Watch of Las Vegas, National Handicappers Bowl of
Washington DC, Sports Net of Atlanta, and the National Sports Monitor (NMS) of New
York. By far NSM has its act together… heads and shoulder above the rest of the
field.As a professional handicapper you want to be monitored by a recognizable
service so that you can compete with the other honest handicappers and state to
the betting public that your selections are documented. But more importantly you
want to be listed in national publications with your ranking against the
other handicapping. The more exposure you have, the more business you capture, if
you are highly ranked and have an honest and reasonable service. And there is
no monitoring service that does this as well as NSM.Many handicappers love to advertise they are Documented “NUMBER ONE”. The
aforementioned services (with the exception of NSM) have so many categories that
every handicapper they monitor has a high probability of making that claim.
National Sports Monitor has but two categories… Best % Wins and Most Net
Winnings, and all plays are rated as a Single Play. At NSM you will not see Best Game
of the Year (worth 10 units), Best Game of the Decade (worth 20 units), Best
Game of the Century (worth 30 units), Best Dog of the Year Winner
etc…etc..etc… Some monitoring service even allows you to place 4 or 5 Best Game of the
Century in one year etc. These guys are not monitoring services; they only run

George Henry,,

Bobby, As you know I have been in the sports handicapping business now for 27
years. I am “old school” before computers, websites, and portals. But it’s
the new age in sports handicapping and you either keep up with the times or
get left in the dust. There is one way to stay on the cutting edge in the
new millennium and that is with If your
going to be “real” as the young people say, you need to put yourself on
front street and that is exactly what the national sports monitor does. it
puts you front street. It is an opportunity for quality sports handicappers
to have their plays, selections, picks, etc. shown to the public. That way
they can see just how good or bad you really are. No false claims, b.s
advertising, Im #1, only proven results at the national sports monitor. I
applaud you and the national sports monitor for all your hard work in what
is a difficult job in handling all these cappers. Without the national
sports monitor the public and the industry would suffer greatly from the
scam artists out there. Keep up the good work.

David Rice, Vegas Vic Sports

“Two words come to mind when I think of Bobby Babowski and the National Sports Monitor – Professionalism and Integrity. Whether you are a player or a sports service looking to lend credibility to your business, Bobby B. will work tirelessly to help make you successful. Nobody works harder for your money. NSM is recognized as a leader in the industry, and will continue this trend, because they are always trying to improve their product. In addition, Bobby Babowski runs the most recognized and legitimate handicapping contests on the internet. The Ultimate Handicapping Challenge (UHC) provides a forum for the best handicappers in the world to compete for money and recognition handicapping different college and professional sports. wants to thank Bobby Babowski personally for running an honest and professional monitoring service and helping bring credibility back to the sports handicapping business.”

Mike Lineback, RoyBoySports,

“Before cellphones and computers, I had been around the handicapping business
in every facet and it seems that a lack of integrity, honesty and values had
crept into the business…. then I got to know Bobby Babowski. The National
Sports Monitor and Ultimate Handicapping Challenge has renewed my faith that
the business is heading in the right direction. We need more people like
Bobby Babowski to keep advancing integrity and honesty into the industry.
The technical innovations of National Sports Monitor and Ultimate
Handicapping Challenge, has made it easier for someone old school like
myself to use. Having spoken with Bobby on various occasions, I know he will
be continuously working to remain the best monitoring service available and
everyone involved will benefit.”

Bob Wingerter, ODDS INSIGHT,

I have a Few words to say about Bobby Babowski’s National Sports Monitor. This Sports Monitor is Top Notch and The best in the industry. Everything is done very Professional. Bobby B is one stand up guy that you can trust and he will do everything possible to get you recognized in this industry. I have been with other Monitoring services but Bobby B’s NSM by far is the best out there. Bobby B will also break his back in anyway to help you out. I know this because he has done it for me, and thank him big time.

Boxer, Boxer Sports,

I have been with the National Sports Monitor and the UHC contest for 3 years
now. I have been at both ends of the spectrum so I can vouch for its integrity.
The UHC is absolutely fantastic. I see nothing that even comes close to it
offered on the internet. I completely enjoy competing in the UHC and NSM against
the top handicappers in the industry. The integrity and honesty is unquestioned.
The rules are outstanding. The contestants and competition top notch. Its
exciting just to watch the top guns go at it. Ken A and the Crazy Cajun a
year or so ago in Baseball unbelieveable. Down to the last day and the last
unit. The excitement for me this year winning both ends of the NBA contest
against all these top services notably Gold Plays.  Then having the money from
Cris in my account 3 days after I won. Outstanding service by not only Bobby B
but BetCris for crediting my account so fast. Both the NSM and the UHC are so
easy to use and its integrity so  valuable to an industry like ours. I recommend
it to anyone.

Rick Smolke,  DaMan Sports.


I have known Bobby for awhile and have enjoyed my
dealings with him. Without a doubt, the UHC continues
to be a cut above the rest because of Bobby’s honesty,
integrity, and relentless work ethic. As long as Bobby
is running the show, the legendary National Sports
Advisors will continue to participate and support the

Sonny LaFouchi, National Sports Advisors,

“National Sports Monitor and the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge have proven to
be two outstanding resources to our firm in both establishing client base as
well as legitimacy in the industry.  These two sites have done both of these
things for me.  Ours is an industry that is full of people who throw up a
website and look for a fast buck at the expense of clients who offer their
trust.  The cost of the service has been well worth it for us.  We spent ten
weeks atop the College Basketball board and as a result got business that more
than paid for the cost of monitoring.  If you’re considering a monitornig
service, then NSM is the perfect place.  If you’re a fly by night handicapper
who throws darts at the sports page to make your picks, you don’t want to be
monitored anyway.  This is a place for professionals who take pride in their
craft and want the world to see what they can truly do.”

Marc Davis, General Manager,

“All things considered, Bobby Babowski’s UHC contest stands alone. Its not only
the best but it appears to be the ONLY contest that is undeniably trustworthy.
The integrity and honesty of the contest is self-evident and unquestioned.
Moreover, the contest rules of scoring are the closest thing you will find to
how “real” professional handicappers operate. Nice going Bobby. Our
congratulations to you for a great job.”

J.R. Miller,

“I have been with UHC for 8 years. It is a great service. 100% accurate and reliable. The monitor service started with just football and has now expanded to basketball and baseball. It just keeps getting better every year!”

Frank J.,

“Bobby B. runs a top notch, first class operation. We have worked with him for several years and he has been upfront and honest in all our dealings. Honesty and integrity are hard to find in a business ripe with cheats. Bottom Line: Bobby B’s NSM is a service that keeps accurate stats and is fair and equal with all.”

Roger Shaw,

“The NSM is a excellent site for the public to view the W/L records of the professional handicappers. This is a great site for the handicappers because Bobby B. makes it simple to use and is doing a top notch job in marketing the NSM. The NSM will continue to to grow with information that the public is looking for in selecting a handicapper. Bobby B. will continue to do a fine job with the NSM and he will continue be aggressive in the marketing of this site.”

Ken A,

“Both UHC and NSM are the most top notch operations I have ever had the pleasure to know. Run by true professionals, the integrity of these websites are second to none. I encourage all to check out these sites and see how to do things right.”

Tom Gallagher, Gallagher Sports,

“I have been involved with bobby and the uhc since day one. These guys run nothing but a top notch operation!The contest is one where there is no way to cheat and get around the way things are supposed to be.We all know in this industry there are only a handful of people you can trust and i will guarantee these guys are among those you can TRUST! These people will treat you with honesty and respect as long as you do the same! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a flat out liar no questions asked! I look forward to next football season and really feel privileged to be associated with the UHC and NSM!”

Billy Testerman, Busters Top Plays

“I’ve known and worked with Bobby B for some time now and can honestly say he is among the most respected and trustworthy people i have had the pleasure of dealing with.”

Christopher Costigan, Owner and

“Outside of Picking winners, TRUST is the most important aspect in choosing a Sports Service in the age of online gambling. Bobby B’s National Sports Monitor plays that vital role keeping a sometimes “Wild West” type business in check.”

Johnny Detroit,

I have been monitored with Bobby since the day he opened the doors at NSM, and
I am truly amazed at how he has grown in such a short time. Obviously, the
reason for such growth is the player’s and the handicapper’s who realize that
the accurracy and professionalism of the site is unmatched in internet
monitoring. If one were to visit my website (, they could see
that I do not clutter it up with hundreds of ads for other companies and
sponsers … but I guar-ron-tee NSM is there staking it’s claim as the best on
the ‘net.

Brian Carpenter, president of Crazy Cajun Sports, Inc.,

“When it comes to Sports Handicapping Contests, the UHC is the best. If you want integrity, prestige and exposure, you can’t find a better place. The cost is minimal and the benefits are huge.”

Reno Matthews,

“I have been involved in Bobby’s Ultimate Handicapping Challenge and National Sports Monitor from the VERY beginning and i can say with confidence that its money well spent. The exposure is terrific and the price is low. Where else can you find a monitor and contest that prints all of the TOP 10 handicappers each week in thousands of dollars in print in addition to live audio features, newsletters, etc.”

Mark Jones, Mark Jones Sports

“Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ross Benjamin owner and operator of Ross Benjamin Sports. Over the last 3 years me and my sports service have participated in the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge that is operated and owned by Bobby Babowski. I have found Mr. Babowski to run this competition fairly, honestly, and professionally. Mr Babowski has been very dedicated to this project and extremely congenial to the participants. The competition is very organized, well advertised, and a great promotional tool for any participating sports service. I have also been involved with Bobby’s National Sports Monitor that i can say all the same things about. I would highly advise any new, old , or existing sports services to participate in these fine run projects. Mr Babowski has been nothing but a class act in my personal dealings with him and I am sure you will find the same treatment.”

Ross Benjamin,

“I have been involved in BOTH Bobby B’s NSM and UHC sites and it has been a pleasure to deal with a guy like him that runs an honest and credible site. In an industry that is filled with dishonest people, Bobby B raises the bar for honesty and credibility. I recommend both of these sites without reservation.”

Phil Andolina,

“I look to the National Sports Monitor and the Ultimate Handicap Challenge daily for insight and an edge in my sports wagering. The free picks on each site have gvien me a good consensus from which to make my plays. I’ve noticed that when there’s an overload of plays on one side of an event on these sites, the plays seem to make money for me in the long run. I’ve hired two sports services in the past five months since using NSM and UHC and have shown a nice profit. Before that, it was like I was getting conned every time I took a chance on a service. Thank you, Bobby B., for giving me a reference site for outstanding plays and a way to truly evaluate handicapping services in a meaningful and yes, profitable, way!”

Tom Parizek, Boston, MA

“Believe me, I’ve told A LOT of people about NSM and UHC and how the money they put in as an entry fee is peanuts compared to the kind of exposure they’ll get from it.”

Amris Yong at

“I am a small player in the industry and have been following Bobby’s sites for quite some time. I follow the leaders and i have also used a few services that i have seen at the top of the leaderboard. I trust the UHC and NSM site like there is no tomorrow. They are among the most honest and respected site owners on the web. In an industry filled with scammers, the UHC and NSM sites are among the ABSOLUTE BEST!!”

Anthony Carpinella, Cleveland Ohio

“If you are seeking best handicappers in the industry or looking for a place to get your professional sports service documented then look no further then Bobby B’s National Sports Monitor & Ultimate Handicapping Challenge. These contests/monitors are not only the best out there as far as legitimacy but they conquer the field for quality, class and appearance as well. If we had to select only one place for our past and current records to be documented, it would right here at the one and only National Sports Monitor. “

Lou Palumbo, MVPCapper Sports,

“Our company was built on trust, dependability, integrady and sound business
principals. When it was time to search out business partners that were
built on the same principals, the choice was obvious. National Sports
Monitor, UHC and the network of sites provided by the owners offers not only
great service and exposure, it offers great value too.”

Frank Alulio, Strictly Sports Winners Inc.,

“I have been in Bobby’s UHC contest for several years now and monitored at the National Sports Monitor from its inception. There is not a more trust worthy monitor out there in my opinion. The exposure and advertising that Bobby does for his services is second to none. If you are a sports service this is one monitor I would want to have on my list. “

Eddie Boron, Eddie’s Full Time Sports.,

“With new sports monitors popping up all over the Internet seemingly every
week, one has to be careful about who to trust. I choose to have my
selections documented at the National Sports Monitor and to play in the
Ultimate Handicapping Challenge because Bobby Babowski stands out among the
crowd for his honesty and work ethic. Bobby’s tireless efforts guarantee
that the NSM and UHC will remain a Winner for many years to come.

Ben Burns
, Ben Burns Consulting.,

“You will not find a group with more integrity or a larger base of big name clients than the National Sports Monitor. Bobby and the NSM are not only pioneers of online monitoring, they continue to revolutionize it.”

William Foote
, SuperiorDaily.,