The National Football League (NFL) has announced that it has entered into an agreement with BetMGM, FOX Bet, WynnBET and PointsBet to become an authorized provider of sports betting for the 2021 NFL season. These agreements will allow these four operators to advertise the NFL during the games and other selected NFL media projects.

Last April, the NFL announced its first-ever US sports betting partnerships with Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings and FanDuel. Under these agreements, Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings and FanDuel not only have the exclusive right to use the NFL brands in the sports betting category, to integrate into the O&O properties of the NFL and to become active in retail and online sports betting, but can also use their status as approved sports betting providers to secure high-quality NFL advertising inventory during games and as part of additional programs. Sports betting providers who are not part of these seven operators are not allowed to purchase this selected NFL advertising and media inventory.

Nana-Yaw Asamoah, NFL Vice President of Business Development, said: “We are excited to announce this select group as recognized sports betting providers”.

“Together with our three official sports betting partners, this group of operators will help the league address fans in a responsible and innovative way this season as the sports betting landscape evolves”.

In support of the NFL’s commitment to protecting the integrity of the game and its fans, all operators have agreed to adhere to the NFL’s core integrity guidelines, to work with the NFL in information sharing and lobbying, and to endorse the NFL’s responsible gaming efforts support. All operators are also licensed for official competition data from Genius Sports, the official competition data provider.

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Sports Betting: The product category that attracts the most attention is sports betting. In 2018, the Supreme Court overturned a federal sports betting ban. Since then, states across the country have voted to legalize sports betting. While the NFL was originally opposed to legalizing gambling, for the 2021 season the league will allow each network to accept six gambling ads per broadcast: one during the pre-game., one per term and one at half-time. TV partners Fox, ESPN and NBC have also teamed up with a bookmaker. Additionally, FS1 and ESPN both broadcast gambling programs every day.

Front Office Sports reports, the NFL, at first, made marketing deals with Caesars, DraftKings and FanDuel. These marketers will have access to the intellectual property of the NFL, including the use of game footage. Collectively, the deal would reach nearly $ 1 billion over five years. Additionally, the NFL approved FOX Bet, MGM, PointsBet and WynnBet as sports betting operators for the 2021 season. Sports betting is expected to be the largest emerging advertising category for the NFL since fantasy sports (which some have called another form of gambling) in 2015.

The signs of gambling legalization are pointing upwards. Play USA expects nearly $ 12 billion to be wagered this season on NFL games (and $ 20 billion when college football is added) on legal sports betting. Additionally, the American Gaming Association predicts that 45.2 million Americans will bet on the next NFL season, up 36% from last year. AGA also found that 25% of NFL fans are more enthusiastic about this season than previous ones, up from 18% last year. It is predicted that advertising spend for legal sports betting at NFL games this fall will reach hundreds of millions of dollars.