The most unbelievable things happened and there are yet more to come. This season, so many sports bettors must’ve lost a bunch betting on the favorites, but those betting the European Handicap must’ve earned a fortune! Watching the games was so shocking and wild guessing was the only thing that helped in understanding these crazy odds.

As you can see, favorites are falling on their faces, what used to be bad teams are now rising from the dead, injuries happen left and right… Something that hasn’t happened in a while.

Reviewing what happened in this 2018 season is essential, as future results are everything but predictable.

Let’s Talk About New York Mets First

Rookie manager Mickey Callaway contributes to Mets hitting the bottom. He mishandled the defensive plays, made weird decisions and failed so badly, that brought players like Juan Lagares, Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes and others to injury and eventual loss of the team. The Mets, all-time favorites, especially after the starting rotation, faced a fall on June 30. Tragic, tragic fall.

Managers That Exceeded Our Expectations

Contrary to Mickey Callaway who led Mets to the bottom, Alex Cora, the Red Sox’s rookie manager, Aaron Borne, the Yankee’s and Gabe Kapler, the Phillies’ new manager showed great success and exceeded all of our expectations. They all did a pretty well job, regardless of some of the fallbacks in April.

When It Comes to Rookies, Let’s Give Our Praises to Yankee’s

As mentioned, starting with the manager Aaron Boone, Gleyber Torres, second baseman and Miguel Andujar, third baseman, showed great results and became favorites instantly. Despite all the predictions that they will be oppressed by the huge salaries and instant fame, these rookies performed beautifully. Plus, the addition of Giancarlo Stanton and Luis Severino definitely helped things, too.

Dodger Is Back

After hitting the bottom so hard with the injury and surgery of Corey Seager, the 1-0 game to Giants, the Dave Robert’s failure, Dodger is back on their feet. Matt Kemp leads the club, along with Matt Muncy and Clay Bellinger. If only Clayton Kershaw could end with his continuous back problems, this club will go through the roof.

Tampa Bay Really Surprised Us

Although relying solely on players whose performance was not tested, the Rays managed their way to victories. Kevin Cash is even suggested as a frontrunner for the prestigious American League Manager of the Year. So, although trades like these present an enormous risk, sometimes they prove highly successful, like in this case.

Finally, That Bartolo Colon!

Just when you’d think he will join the bench team, he resurrects his career all over again. Although at the age of 45, one of the oldest players was signed to a minor-league and proved he’s got the moves still. He managed to surpass Juan Marichal for most winnings made by a Dominican and will soon do so with Dennis Martines in the category most winnings made by a Latino. We guess the right-hander will not be joining Chirs Christie any time soon, right?