US sporting leagues have offered the country, and the world, decades of excitement, heartache and betting opportunities. With a multitude of sports and leagues to enjoy, it is difficult to single out greats. However, there are players in all leagues and in all sports that have given of themselves and to their sport and league like no other in their time. They are players who have pushed their sports to the forefront of the nation’s attention and helped to build its profile around the world. They are also the players who have helped bettors to win big and proven themselves to be fundamental to the best bettors’ strategies. Although many of them are now confined to the history books, bettors still marvel at the wins they brought for bettors of the past. Join us as we take a look at some of the greats who have graced the big US sporting leagues.

Michael Jordan

The undisputed greatest NBA player of all time, Jordan is a global icon of the sport and of the league. He gave the NBA help during his career by raising the profile of the sport around the globe and has also encouraged many young people into the sport. In his day he was always worth a share of the betting stakes and his play resulted in some big wins for those who put their money on him and his skills. He led the Bulls to six NBA championships and won an impressive six final MVP awards. He is a true legend, the greatest of greats, and his influence lives on in the sport and in the league that he helped to elevate to greatness.

Sid Abel

Marked as the most important member of the ‘Production Line’, Sid Abel was adored by fans and his fellow players. Considered to be the Wing’s most influential player of all time, Abel was a force to be reckoned with. With 189 career goals and 283 assists he also proved himself to be one of the most generous players in the game. Whilst he was important on the ice, he was even more important in the dressing room where he coached, counselled and inspired his team mates throughout his career. He was always the peacemaker in the group and many of the younger players looked to him as a role model. Sid Abel was a true great of the NHL and his legacy lives on in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He is certainly a player that modern day bettors wish was still around as he would be a sure fire bet these days.

Peyton Manning

As the first Colts player ever to receive the Most ValuablePlayer award at the Super Bowl, Manning is a true legend amongst fans. He is widely considered to be one of the most successful and influential players ever to have graced the NFL and his work on and off the field of play is seen as an inspiration to all. With a high passing completion rate and a record number of touchdowns to his name, it is clear to see why Manning has always been a bettors’ favorite. He is the only player to have won the Super Bowl with more than one franchise and won the prestigious event with both the Colts and the Broncos. He is truly a great of the game and of the league, and the NFL is a better league as a result of his influence.