Now we can either spend this money on the sports betting bookies or we can have a look at the casinos reviewed by which are licensed and legal for Canadian players. With this $10 we need to make the biggest profit or return possible. Now there are two types of gamblers in any area of the term. You have those which like to get the best and quickest return possible and you have those who are more strategical in the online casino/bookmakers.

Either way, winning is key and we need to turn our $10 into a larger return.  So to take this experiment further we’ll look at the next big event on the horizon.

Tuesday night sees Toronto Maple taking on Tampa Bay in the NHL, Maple is favorited at 1.80, this bet on a $10 wager is only an 8 dollar return, hardly worth the time and effort. So what options could we further do? Add the Oilers and Chicago in on the same bet? The odds increase to 5.47, making it $54, which is an improvement but for a return, it’s very small. The process of building accumulators will jump dramatically once you stray into 5,6,7 teams.

For singular betting in sports, you can reach odd of 43.00 and beyond but these types of bets come with a huge leap of faith that will certainly not land. The accumulator is the strategy of choice for the calculated player.

So on the front of the casino how can $10 be pushed further? From the outset, before you’ve played your first game a $10 deposit to play with can be multiplied by a 100%, 200%, sometimes 500% welcome bonus. Already this bonus has added extra value to the $10 we began with. So what if we ignored the bonus and just focused on the games. Well, with online casinos, the house always has the edge, so we look at the best odds from the games. Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette are the most favorable of odds when it comes to the fairness of play. Now the easier example is Roulette with its 35/1. So your $10 is now 350 on a win, but the risk is obviously greater.

Slots are a possibility, they are built with odds known as RTP’s (Return to Player) and RNG’s (Random Number Generator) these two will determine the payout of a slot machine, usually high in the return percentage, you’ll find slots, for example, with a 98%  return to player. Meaning that you’ll, in theory, have at least a chance of winning $9 off of the original $10 you play with if placing $1 spins at a time.

So who wins the battle of payouts? For quick returns at a huge sum then you can either accumulate sports bets. Alternatively, we recommend playing free spins in the casinos and any returns you place into a sports bet. The casino must provide the choice of sports betting allowing you to transfer one sum from the other. Should you win the sports bet, then you can have a healthy bankroll for the casinos progressive jackpots, which are only won by playing maximum bets. Guess Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Additional Sports Betting Tips: By having sports as an open market to profit from, there are many perks to take advantage of. The benefit of the games being played live means the bookies realistically have no control. Yes, they can dictate the odds but that is far is it go. This means there is a wide window for margin of error, well call it. During any sporting event, odds will increase for a result as time runs out. This can either be a half time score or full time. It’s good to study and research teams that are prone to scoring late goals, have had better play time, have additional fitness. By having this knowledge to hand you can take advantage of increased odds.

Often in sports the inevitable happens, the team we know by rights that should be winning are in a stale draw, by picking games out that are locked in draws or score draws, and waiting 10 -15 minutes before a half ends, the odds can increase by up to 7 time the original amount.

It’s a good way to limit your spending also as you are not having to cover your bets prior to a game, and you have before you a clear idea of how games are actually going.