It has seemingly been a long time coming but finally all of the big US sports have announced the plans in which they’ll be able to see the current seasons out to a finish, or the preparations they’re taking to move into the 20/21 season. This is great news for punters too as many are looking to scratch an itch after a few months of sporting events being a little lacking, despite a large number of no kyc casinos performing extremely well during this period of time many will much prefer to start betting on their favourite sport again. So with many returning, what is to be expected from each?

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            NFL – The NFL is perhaps the furthest away, currently the season will begin on Sept. 10th with no changes in date currently announced alongside no current planned changes in operations. It is expected that many of the changes in other sports such as no fans in attendance will remain in the NFL when games do get underway again, but it’ll likely be another few weeks until any more concrete news is given on this, especially if there are lessons to be taken from other sporting events.

NBA – The NBA has announced plans for its restart on July 30th with the big change for the Orlando bubble which will bring all the teams expected to make playoffs into a single location and have them remain with testing being done if anyone needs to leave and come back to ensure the safety of all teams. Some of the changes expected are obvious such as fans not in attendance as with other sporting events, but there are also those mentioned such as players being required to stay on location or have to be retested.

MLB – After a bit of a turbulent period, the MLB has been announced for its return on July 23rd – there had been some rumblings that perhaps we’d see baseball move overseas for the time being but that isn’t the case now. Some of the changes announced have been within which teams will play against each other as there are some division restrictions, as well as a shorter schedule to see the season played out by September – there may be some other changes announced but it seems everything is pretty set for MLB to return.

NHL – Hockey is set to enter phase 3 of its recovery as the NHL has announced the return date for July 10th – the closest of all the big sports. Some changes for the teams include players being tested daily, but that there are some format changes to the league to determine seeding order for play, however many of the expected changes will also remain such as no fans in attendance as expected.

It’s a good time for sports fans following the delays and cancellations that first came through in March, the big hope now is that these events can get underway without any delays as testing is set to continue, and the remainder of the seasons seen through until completion so preparations can be made for the 20/21 seasons to get underway.