Being able to make a living from sportsbetting has been the dream of many but the reality tell for most of us the defeat is just around the corner. Today we have investigated with BettingTips4you how is it possible to get an edge over the bookies and how many have successfully managed to do so over a long period of time.

John Pentin, chief editor of said to us: ‘Obviously beating the house is very challenging as they have a team of experts capable of managing their liability really well. Having said that there is more and more competition around which means odds are getting more competitive and the number of betting markets available are increasing so it is still possible for a well-prepared punter to find and edge.

The problem is that doing the homework requires time and not many people are able to spend long hours to find the best betting opportunities. The ‘recreational punters’ are the ones that give bookmakers more satisfactions as they tend to bet with their hearts so to speak and most of the time they will have to pay the price. Here at betting tips 4 you we try to help our readers make the most of their betting experience as we do have a dedicated 24/7 team of experts who analyse nearly every sporting event and provide their best picks. In addition to that we also have deals with the most trusted bookmakers in the World which means our visitors can benefit from the most appealing free bets and enhanced odds deals.

Even if winning on sportsbetting is difficult it is surely possible and we have seen many of our readers that have been able to secure a healthy profit over time so it is surely difficult but not impossible.’