Movies about sports gambling are perceived as other movies about gambling world. There were many pictures about casinos, sportsbooks, poker and other kinds of gambling recently.

It is pretty hard to find a really good movie about sports gambling among all this diversity. In most cases those films show betting word very briefly without any details and specifics. Below are three of the brightest representatives of genre sports gambling.

The first movie is called

Bookies (2003)

This picture came out in 2003. The director of the film is Mark Illsley and it stars: Nick Stahl, Johnny Galecki, Lukas Haas and a great actress Rachael Leigh Cook. The plot of the film is about three friends becoming real bookmakers in college, where sports betting is immensely popular. Soon their profit becomes overwhelming.

“Bookies” shows the entire gambling atmosphere during the certain match. Viewers feel the excitement of the guys and how it all attracts them. Fellows have developed a special scheme for basketball games and soon their strategy begins to bring them a huge profit.

Soon mafia know about the guys and wants a share of their business. Here begins a chase for survival. Even the fact the actors weren’t the biggest professionals doesn’t change that fact the movie showed a lot of pitfalls of sports gambling.

The second movie, 2005 picture Two For the Money

This movie caused a furor. Initially, critics weren’t sure what to expect from the movie but after its release it had only positive emotions, reviews and feedback. Movie fans and common spectators also received the movie from the positive side.

The director of the film – D. J. Caruso. It was starring Matthew McConaughey, Al Pacino, Rene Russo and Jeremy Piven. The protagonist is Brandon Lang, ex-college football player who is a great forecaster, he accurately calls the players whom to bet at to get profit.

But for this kind of work, he receives a penny. Soon Walter Abrams finds out about the abilities of Brandon and offers our hero to move to New York and work for him – Brandon has to supply correct forecasts to Walter.

This movie is not about sports betting, its about forecasters who sell their information. “Two for the money” is about lesser-known dark sides of this business.

The third movie is Eight Men Out

This movie is relevant today despite the described events have happened more than 100 years ago. Fixed matches exist for a very long time. Scandals connected with these events calm down and arise again. Unfortunately, fraud and looking for easy money is going to always exist.

The movie “Eight out of play” was first presented in 1988. The movie is about Chicago baseball team “Black Sox” which agreed to lose to their opponents in regular championship for benefits from mafia. Critics were very interested in the movie, there was a lot of noise and discussions about it.

“Black sox” players weren’t too happy about their owner Charles Komiski as he paid not enough for their great play and didn’t appreciate them. The head of mafia Arnold Rotshtein used the situations and offered players a big amount of money (more than they could win winning the championship) for losing in the match. And they did lose.